TouchRemote DACP server

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TouchRemote plugin (foo_touchremote) is an implementation of DACP server for foobar2000.

DACP is a protocol to remotely control audio playback from mobile devices. It allows you to:

  • Browse artists, albums and tracks in your media library
  • See now playing track along with album art
  • Search for tracks
  • Control playback state, position and volume
  • Create/edit/delete playlists (currently supported in Apple Remote only)

The key feature of DAAP is using Bonjour for discovery, so you need Bonjour Service (usually you already have one installed with iTunes).
You also need .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 installed.
For new versions (since 0.2.8) you need .NET Framework 4 and VC++ 2010 runtime installed.

You may use it with various client devices: iPhones, iPads or iPods Touch, Android-based phones or tablets, and Windows Phone 7 phones.
See FAQ page for a complete list of supported client applications on different platforms.

Download foo_touchremote

Quick Start: after installation go to the plugin settings page and pair with your device.

If you have troubles installing or using this plugin, please refer to the FAQ page. Most likely you’ll find your answer there.
[/tab] [tab title=”History”] Feb 03 2013: Version

  • Minor fixes
  • Support for IPv6 connections
  • Compatibility with foobar2000 running in Wine

Mar 21 2012: Version

  • Compatibility with Remote 2.3

Oct 15 2011: Version

  • Fixes issues with Remote 2.2
  • Various fixes

Oct 02 2011: Version 0.2.8.

  • Now built with VS2010 with new SDK, requires .NET Framework 4.0 and VC++ 2010 runtime
  • Fixed preferences page hangs in latest versions of foobar
  • Fixed issue with missing artwork if image is built-in into WMA files
  • Some UI changes
  • No more “Service Name” available, it is autogenerated now. Re-pair with all your devices!
  • New option to stop playback instead of pause

Mar 16 2011: Version

  • Editing tags in foobar is immediately reflected on remote side
  • Various fixes
  • Ability to set rating for now playing song even if it is not in library

Mar 2 2011: Version

  • Various fixes
  • Compatibility fix for TunesRemote+ clients

Feb 26 2011: Version 0.2.7.

  • Playlist-related code improvements
  • Option to compress network traffic

Feb 19 2011: Version 0.2.6.

  • Network code reworked
  • Finally renamed to “TouchRemote DACP server”
  • Packaged as zip archive to make installation easier. Drag archive to the components list to install or update it.

Feb 13 2011: Version

  • Removed limitation on port number. You don’t need this update unless you want to set port between 1000 and 5000.

Feb 11 2011: Version 0.2.5.

  • Customizable titleformat strings
  • Editable playlists
  • Bugfix for special symbols in artist names
  • Other small bugfixes

Feb 9 2011: Version 0.2.4.

  • Fixed crash on setting rating
  • Sorting now replicates that of iTunes
  • Sort headers (letters on the scrollbar) added

Feb 6 2011: Version 0.2.3.

  • Gets and sets song ratings (foo_playcount required).
  • Uses common titleformat strings rather than fixed tags to get track information. These would be customizable via UI.
  • Memory usage optimized.
  • Correct statuses are now sent to Remote clients on shutdown.
  • Less updates are sent to clients when playback state changes.

Feb 3 2011: Version

  • A lot of fixes. Stable build.

Jan 30 2011: Version 0.2.1.

  • Complete rewrite of the component. First public beta.

Sep 29 2010: Version v2.

  • Quick fix to support Remote v2

Feb 7 2010: Version

  • Fixes XP compatibility issue of 0.1.2

Feb 6 2010: Version 0.1.2.

  • Sorting according to client hints
  • Search makes no difference between letters with grave, acute etc. (requires Vista or later)
  • Album tracks when flipped from Now Playing screen (but no rating yet)
  • Pairing now uses foobar’s built-in http client (and doesn’t rely on WinInet and IE settings anymore)

Jan 31 2010: Version 0.1.1.

  • Library support
  • Autoplaylist from library selection
  • Traffic compression
  • New (foobar 1.0) album art configuration support

Nov 04 2009: Version

  • Better pairing
  • Fixed crash on exit on WinXP

Oct 30 2009: Version 0.0.6.

  • Some minor fixes
  • Ability to control process or system-wide volume instead of foobar’s built-in one

Oct 17 2009: Initial public build 0.0.5 alpha.
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