CUE Playlist Filter

Have you got a lot of lossless music? As you know, it often consists of a single audio file (flac, ape, wv, etc.) and a CUE sheet with track markup.

If you add a single cue file, it is loaded ok. But what happens if you add a whole folder (or several folders) at a time?.. Right, you get a mess of both whole albums and their single tracks in the playlist. So you typically should clean up your playlist manually.

Another situation: sometimes there are two cue sheets for single album. One refers to compressed album file (like flac) and could be embedded into container, the other one refers to uncompressed wav file that even doesn’t exist anymore. Pre-0.9 releases of foobar2000 just ignored such invalid cue sheets, but 0.9 branch does add them to playlist creating many unplayable duplicate tracks and a lot of headache.

CUE playlist filter (foo_cuefilter) is a plugin to address both of these issues. When adding a bunch of files, it searches for those ones that are referenced or reference to non-existent targets and excludes them.

Typically you don’t need to change any settings – defaults are ok for almost everyone. But it is possible to adjust some filtering options on Advanced (Tools/CUE Playlist Filter) page.

Download foo_cuefilter 0.1.7.

Version history


  • Code rewritten from the ground up
  • Better performance
  • More informative console output

  • Filtering settings (see Advanced/Tools/CUE Playlist Filter)
  • Fixed issue with absolute paths in cue sheets.

  • Filtering of dead CUEs added
  • Some code refactoring


  • Fixed issue with very long paths


  • Initial public release