Open-source TouchRemote

I’ve decided to make TouchRemote plugin open-source, it is now available on GitHub.
It is barely documented (for now), so you probably wouldn’t do anything to it. But if you really want, you may try to :)

Also, if you are writing a player (or plugins for one), you may use TouchRemote Core to implement DACP compatibility.

If you want to participate in further developing of this project, write me to add you as a collaborator on GitHub.


Minor update to resolve issues with Remote 2.3.

Not really a solution, just a quick fix for now. May be broken by the next Remote update.

Remote 2.3 breaks TouchRemote

Just to stop you from writing e-mails on this :)

I’m aware of the problem and working on it.
Unfortunately, they’ve added some strict checks on FairPlay support, so it would take some time.

Those who haven’t yet updated to 2.3 should stay on 2.2 for now.

App ideas

Guys, I’m considering to write an iOS app (for training purposes), but I have no idea what to write.

If there’s something you’re really missing on your iPhone/iPad, I’ll be glad to hear it. Your wishes may come true… eventually 😉

Update to resolve issues with Remote 2.2

In Remote 2.2 they slightly changed a protocol, so there were album art blinks on play/pause, and a huge delay before showing album tracks from now playing screen.

Version addresses these issues and is recommended for all iOS5 and Remote 2.2 users.

And one more observation:
If you still get crashes on foobar startup, make sure you don’t have “downloaded from internet” policy on dlls of the plugin. Seems that .NET Framework 4.0 is more strict about loading assemblies from untrusted sources.

The recommended solution is to remove manually copied files from \foobar2000\components folder and use built-in plugin installer: click Install on Components page in foobar preferences, and specify downloaded zip archive (you don’t need to unpack it).

New TouchRemote 0.2.8

Hey, guys!
Here’s a small update of TouchRemote.

First of all, you need to get .NET Framework 4 and VC++ 2010 runtime installed (if you don’t have one yet). .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 is no longer supported by TouchRemote – this is mostly because of new foobar SDK targets VS2010, and it supports only .NET 4 for C++.

This update delivers a few changes:
1. Service name is autogenerated now, so you shouldn’t have issues with multiple instances of foobar in the same network.
2. Display name is now shown correctly in the iPad version of Remote.
3. Fixed issue with preferences page hangs with latest builds of foobar.
4. Added an option to stop playback instead of pausing it. People with WASAPI would be happy now.
5. Fixed issue with WMA built-in artwork.
6. Some UI changes.

That’s it.


This is a first build of a component to stream music from foobar2000 to AirPort Express (or other AirPlay-enabled devices).

It is just a preview (to tease you guys :) ).
It doesn’t support compression and encryption yet.
And you cannot control volume on remote speakers.
And there’s also a huge (about 2 seconds) delay comparing to local playback.

And what it does have? Well, a tiny menu item called AirPlay under Playback menu. When you check a discovered station under AirPlay menu, foobar starts streaming music to it.
Also there’s an API for future integration with TouchRemote to allow renderer selection (like iTunes does).
And that’s it, for now :)

Of course, it requires Bonjour installed. But you already have one, right?
And though it doesn’t support compression yet, it already requires QuickTime Player to be installed.
This time is written in pure C++, so no .NET framework needed. Everything else seems to be linked statically, and no additional references are required.

Got here? Still wanna try?
Here you go: foo_airplay!

What’d you say if foobar support AirPlay?

Just tried AirFoil, but didn’t like it: quality seems to be not so good when playing locally, sound disappears sometimes (buffering issue?), and unable to use WASAPI output ’cause it crashes AirFoil.

So I’m considering whether to make a streaming solution for foobar with ability to control it from local UI or TouchRemote.

And what do you think?

New Remote 2.1.1

Apple just released a new version of Remote app.
They’ve fixed a bug with numerous server-info queries on each reconnect, so it connects really fast now. “Back” button doesn’t blink anymore when changing volume or pressing buttons.

TouchRemote is also updated to fix some bugs and add some features.


I’m off to celebrate my 25-th birthday. Don’t even expect I’ll be answering your emails for a few days… 😉